Long ago Lady Elizabeth McClain of the House McClain fell gravely ill. Her love and husband, Lord Nicolaus, took to her side. He prayed for several weeks as her health steadily declined. He brought her flowers each day to keep her spirits up but the sickness soon consumed her. On the last day death had come to claim his prize. Sensing the desperation of lovers being torn apart, a demon named Klivard approached Nicolaus.

Klivard made an offer to cure Elizabeth in exchange for a small token, their firstborn son. The young Lord hastily agreed and the demon plucked a rose from the bouquets scattered at her deathbed. It was among the first gifts brought to the maiden as she took ill. A dark look passed across Klivard’s face and he began chanting. Slowly the rose blossomed and regained color. It’s wilted petals spread and leaned to the sunlight. The demon handed the rose to Nicolaus without word. He received the gift and yelped, dropping it; a fresh thorn had drawn blood. After carefully picking up the rose he saw his dearest Elizabeth recovered and well and the demon warlock Klivard nowhere to be found.

Years had passed but Nicolaus had never forgotten his dark pact. He had bourne three sons, two fraternal twins and his youngest. The twins were constantly at odds and always fighting. Their ambition bred competition which led to arrogance and often hate. It became clear he had one righteous twin and one sinister twin. Both sought to gain the upperhand. In their early years, one boy had accidentally fractured the glass case where his father stored a pristine rose dedicated to their mother Elizabeth. Protective of their mom and in out of spite, the twin brother beat him severely into submission. His hearing is still not completely functional.

Often the youngest son played the part of peacemaker. Even more often he was used as a pawn in the constant struggle between the twin brothers. His allegiance was never fully recognized as the brothers grew into adulthood.

But the demonic warlock Klivard had not forgotten the pact and was pleased to discover the House of McClain had claim to several grown sons. He appeared before Elizabeth and Nicolaus inside their home, demanding the firstborn. Nicolaus, ready for this day, gathered his twin sons behind him protectively. He told the demon he had no claim, because as twins there was no firstborn. Klivard was enraged and stomped around the room destroying furniture into small embers. After a few minutes he looked pensive, then smiled. Fine, then I shall take half of each.

Chanting an incantation, energy was ripped from the boys. It coalesced into dark swirls and humanoid shapes across the room. Nicolaus shouted, I bind you demon and void our deal. You cannot claim my sons. Klivard looked angrier than ever. He screamed above the sound of crashing and explosive magic, I give you a gift and you seek to cheat me?! Your soul is forfeit.

Nicolaus instantly dropped dead to the floor and the energy dissipated. The demon Klivard had vanished but the magic he cast remained in the form of two creatures now bound to the brothers. Linked souls and opposite personalities. The twins now had opposite doppelgangers standing in their living room.

Elizabeth fainted, and a single petal fell from the rose gifted to her many years ago….


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